KRB Flood & Fire Restoration   3594 Mountain View Ave  Los Angeles,CA90066   (310) 850-0791
KRB Flood & Fire Restoration
Los AngelesCA 90066
 (310) 850-0791

Reviews Of KRB Flood & Fire Restoration

5.00 11 Reviews
Matthew Hupp
Oct 12, 2017

It's always a pleasure speaking with Karl and Beverly as they are very kind and knowledgeable. They go out of their way to help with any kind of water or fire restoration and are true to their word. They will take care of you when you need help recovering from a disaster.

Jeffrey Fritz
Sep 27, 2017

KRB worked on a major flood that happened during an escrow. KRB worked with our client, the seller, the neighbor and HOA and was able to help restore the condo my client was buying while navigating the insurance companies of the 3 parties affected by the flood. All of this happened during an extended escrow that ended with my client buying their condo with it fully restored.

Suzan Starler
Sep 26, 2017

You went above and beyond to help.

Lori Hart
Sep 26, 2017

Amazing experience. Very professional great customer service Highly recommend

Steve Mass
Sep 25, 2017

I had a client that was very unhappy with their current contractor and KRB came in and saved the day. My clients are ecstatic and rave about KRB every time I speak with them. Thank you KRB for making me look good!!!!

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